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Smart technology, which is able to bring back your event.

The WR – KINEXON SafeZone combines the protection of visitors and employees with the security of their trade fair or event process and lets both parts continue to work in harmony – with complete, anonymous stringency of the infection chains.


Avoid and recognize up to 99% of all critical contacts with SafeZone

We aRe offering you and your company, trade fair or event a technological, practical and data protection-compliant solution for the correct handling of the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Practically tested and fully developed, the SafeZone can therefore be used immediately and without large infrastructure installation in trade fairs, airports, train stations or event locations with high visitor numbers.

To ensure the security specified by government and experts, there are 2 essential measures to be taken:

der WR KINEXON SafeTag

1 | Keep distance!

In order to restore normality as good and as quickly as possible, the top priority must be to maintain the distance as follows:
  • > 1.5 m distance to other visitors
  • > Keep personal contacts short
  • > Avoid accidental contacts
glückliche Gäste mit Safe Zone

2 | Secure processes

Since there is no 100% safe protection against infection, the most vital things to do in a worst case scenario is to determine the affected employees and visitors quickly and precisely and to then take appropriate measures:

  • > Localize cases of infection
  • > Track infection chains
  • > Take protective measures

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The small SafeTag UWB sensor is compact, light and portable. No matter whether worn as a bracelet, in your pocket or on your accreditation. Wear it as you like, the most important thing is that it is worn. 

Each SafeTag is stored with its own sensor ID, which makes it possible to check the contacts or distances of the sensors. All that without the collection of personal data – therefore the data protection guidelines are complied with 100%.

Premium in quality and flexibility

Your advantages:

Plug & Play Safe Tag

Plug & Play

No infrastructure required + commissioning in just one day

hoch skalierbar

Highly scalable

Fast availability and setup for flexible use on a large scale

Highest level of data protection

No storage of personal data, no access to personalized devices

Highest precision

With up to 10 cm the most precise distance detection on the market

Added value for guests, visitors and employees at a trade fair or major event

With SafeZone:

Infektionsrisiko minimieren

Minimizing the risk of infection for you and visitors

kein Produktionsausfall

Feasibility of large events despite government restrictions

Prevention of infection-related shutdowns

Ensuring your duty of care and responsibility

Chose a SafeZone version for your event:

Safe Tag am Armband

Basic Version

In the basic version, the distance between the sensors is measured once per second. If the distance falls below the prescribed 1.5m, the LED lights up red. If the distance is undershot longer than 5 seconds, an additional warning signal will ring.
Akkreditierung mit Safe Zone

Extended Version

The extended version adds software to the sensors and the measurements, through which the infection chains and the sensors that were in contact can be tracked. If there is an infection, the chain of infection can be followed.
ein Set KINEXON Safe Tags

Security is the big plus of SafeZone

Our partner KINEXON, as one of the leading providers of intelligent real-time technology with in-depth industrial experience, has created an ideal solution for exact distance measurement. This technology can be used perfectly in public facilities, at trade fairs and also at large events.

The SafeZone is based on proven, mature technology and guarantees maximum security in all essential aspects:

  • Maximum data protection, as no personal data is collected / required
  • 100% reliability thanks to the latest, most precise real-time measurement technology
  • Planning security through availability and scalability on a large quantity
  • Maximum trust from renowned references (Continental, BMW and many more)

Well-known companies are using SafeZone

Die smarte Technologie unseres Partners Kinexon wird bereits seit Jahren zur Optimierung von internen Abläufen und zur Leistungssteigerung von Sportlern verwendet. Einige so die Produktion bzw. das Training wieder aufnehmen.

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Less expensive than you think

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